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Bodybuilding Supplement Myths

Bodybuilding Supplement Myths
Confused About Bodybuilding Supplements?

Supplement myths have been around since supplements first came onto the market well over 50 years ago. Separating the truth from myth is often more difficult that it looks. Everyone has got their own opinion, but often these opinions will only be based on rumors and misinformation, or some 10 second blurb head on the news or radio.

Still today there are many supplement myths that still seem to hang around remaining prevalent, despite the fact these myths have since been extensively studied and one way or another have been proven to be completely wrong. Below is a list of common supplement myths:

Myth #1: Whey Protein Will Makes You Fat

The truth is that Whey protein does not make you fat. Only eating a heavy dose of daily calories will make you gain any fat. Eating the correct amount of your normal daily protein will ensure that you get maximum muscle gains. If you are feeding yourself under your protein level, you make then make it harder for you to be able to add muscle.

Myth #2: Supplements Are Waste Of Money

The truth is there are a large number of highly effective nutritional supplements and other good muscle building supplements which can help you to maximize your performance and your overall health. Don't let some exaggerated claims coming from some snake-oil salesmen hold you back from amplifying your efforts.

Myth #3: I Don't Need supplements, I Eat Very Well

The truth is that a well-balanced diet will certainly make a good start, but just because you are meeting your body's nutritional requirements does not mean that your nutrients you need can't change and often do fluctuate because of health, age, stress and any intense training. Consider your supplements as an insurance policy, something that fills in the gap.

Myth #4: All Supplements Are Exactly The Same Quality

The truth is that not all supplements have been created equal. There are many different supplementation companies and they each have different standards. Some companies will rely on lower quality or an infected purity of any raw materials used so they can provide a much lower price. Never purchase your supplements based only on price. You may be simply throwing your precious money away. Instead, seek out someone's opinions that you trust and do some research any best-selling products.

Myth #5: Creatine Is Really A Steroid

The truth is that Creatine is not like anything like a steroid, it is not a steroid and never has been. Creatine is a completely natural substance which is found in the body and it helps to supply the muscle cells. Performance enhancing steroids are anabolic drugs that are able to mimic the many testosterone advantages. However, creatine is 100% safe with no risks associated with its use.

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