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Do Lateral Raise with Resistance Bands

Side Lateral Raise with Bands

Although this movement can actually be done using dumbbells or a pulley machine, one does not need to be non-specific when doing deltoids like this. Whether you are using a pulley cable or dumbbells it will not make any difference if you make sure that you are not swinging the weight.

If you approach your deltoids training correctly and you are able to separate your forward raises, your rear raises and your lateral raises you'll be able to develop your deltoids into a serious about of muscle. It takes persistence and tenacity to get the kind of deltoids that will look good.

You can get a mean workout on your deltoids by using bands to work all the various angles to work your shoulders. Start by first standing on your exercise band so your tension starts at arm's length. You then grab the handles by holding them in a pronated (palms facing thighs) grip.

This is only slightly less than your shoulder width. Both handles should then be resting on both sides of your two thighs. Your arms should both be slightly extended with only a very slight bend in the elbows, while your back should be completely straight. This is going to be your starting position.

Use the sides of your shoulders to lift both sides as you start to exhale. You then continue to lift both handles until they have both moved slightly above parallel. When you start to lift the handles, you should try to bend or slightly tilt your hand as if you were pouring water, keeping your arms fully extended.

It is also important to note that you need to keep your torso in a stationary position and to then pause for just a second when you're at the top of your movement. You then slowly lower both handles back down to the bottom position, then slowly back to the same starting position. Inhale when you perform this section of the movement.

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