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Gorilla Workout Review

Gorilla Workout
The Gorilla App

What is the Gorilla Workout?

The Gorilla Workout is a very effective bodyweight only training program for gaining strength and building muscle mass while losing fat.

After you download the Gorilla Workout app, you'll need to first decide your level you're at. There are 4 levels, and you choose your levels by doing as many push-ups you can do:

Level 1: will be 0-10 Push-ups

Level 2: will 10-35 Push-ups

Level 3: will be 35-75 Push-ups

Level 4: will be 75+ Push-ups

Does the Gorilla Workout Work?

The Gorilla Workout works very well because it uses compound movements (multi-joints exercises). The workout is structured to give you 1-day training your lower-body, the next day you'll train your upper-body. It is training every day for only 10 to 20 minutes, done every day, with just a day's rest in-between training the various muscle groups.

You can also select what kind of intensity you put into the exercises; when you feel it's too easy, you need to do the movement slower, making your muscles work a little harder, or faster, so that you can train the activation into your muscles, and also do a bit of cardio, taking shorter breaks between rounds.

If you only rest between of 1 to 2 minutes between each new round, you'll get the full cardiovascular effect. However, it you don't rest only 1-2 minutes then you'll be losing some of the enormously powerful benefits of training with a high intensity and pushing yourself.

The Gorilla Workout is packed with different exercises, including leg exercises, chest and arms exercises, back and cardio exercises, plus everything in between. From a simple wall push-up to a super one-arm push-up, to the exhausting and challenging burpees. You got everything with the Gorilla Workout.

Here's just some of the movements you'll be working with:

Push Ups
Pull Ups
Pistol Squats
Sit Ups
Leg Raises

You download it at GorillaWorkoutApp.com

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