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Build Your Chest Without The Bench Press

Build Chest Without Bench Press
Doing Dips is a Great Way to Build Your Chest

The bench-press is considered an important foundational base for most chest exercises, but you may not be aware that there are several chest exercises which will strengthen and build your chest muscles without using a bench press. If you are running out of different exercises to use in your cycle, or you are training at home with no equipment, the movements listed below will serve you as very good substitutions for any bench press type movement.


Push-ups are great functional chest exercises, also engaging your shoulders and triceps. You should press from your knees if you start to reach failure, it's easier. Otherwise, you're lying prone with both palms and the tips of your toes evenly supporting all your body weight.

While you are keeping your body as perfectly straight as you can, you'll lower your body by bending both arms at your elbows, as your chest goes to the floor. Once your chin or your chest reaches the floor, you then push your body upwards until both arms are fully flexed, but not locked out.

Standing Chest Flys

This exercise can be done using resistance bands or cables. While holding two opposing resistance bands or cables, you then bend your upper body slightly forward, keeping your abs tight and your back straight, you then press both your arms straight in front of you, until both elbows are straight, not locked. Then, slowly release both arms to go back to your starting position. Keeping both wrists in line with your forearms.


Dips are a very good multi-joint movement training primarily your chest but also targeting triceps and shoulders. Gyms will have dipping bars available, and you'll find them at many city community recreation areas. For a chest dip that is specifically for chest and not your triceps, it needs to be done only slightly forward for balance.

Floor D/B Press

Using kettlebells, dumbbells or any other type of weighted equipment tightly held in each hand. Lying on your back with both knees bent you start by holding your weights directly over your eyes, with arms extended. You then slowly lower the weights by bending both your elbows and stopping when your elbows reach the floor. Push back upward by extending both arms back to your starting position.

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